About Other Walter Projects

Giving Back.

Teaching somebody something is giving them a gift that they can never lose, that stays with them for the rest of their lives, and only gets better as they use it. The Walter Hive exists because we want to gift as many people as we can with the empowerment they feel when they learn that they're capable of changing their world.

At the Walter Hive 501(c)(3) non-profit we are interested in the future of our world. Our workshops provide opportunity for sustainable skill set development for our participants.

We also know that the power of connecting people through compassion, art and creative expression is a way to weave positivity within our community.

Because, art.

The Walter Art Gallery is a contemporary art space that celebrates blurring lines and boundaries. The name “Walter” stems from the Walter Project’s initial creation, Walter the Bus, the World’s Largest Volkswagen Bus. More than a massive replica, Walter is a work of art that aims to inspire creative energy.

The gallery aspires to capture that same energy by supporting and celebrating the work of unique and experimental artists and that of participants in our non-profit’s workshops.

Founded in 2012, the gallery recently became part of The Walter Hive, a 501c3. The Walter Hive is devoted to teaching artistic and maker skills to as many people as we can so they will experience the empowerment of creating and changing the world. Our workshops provide opportunities for sustainable skill set development for the youth and adults who participate.

We also know that the power of connecting people through compassion, art and creative expression is a way to weave positivity within our community.

Dream BIG.

The Walter Show is an unusual collection of oversized art cars created by an amazing community of artists dedicated to breathing new life into long forgotten service vehicles. First conceived as an art installment for festivals and creative gatherings around the country. It starts with Walter, the world’s largest VW Bus, forged from a vintage fire truck found in the Arizona desert. This loveable monster bus was later joined by Big Red, a gigantic VW Baja Bug, Kalliope, a massive portable DJ sound stage, Heathen, a fire-breathing spectacle and playful hell on wheels, and a four-piece interactive mobile art experience affectionately known as Peace Train. Together, this fanciful fleet of fun and festivity creates events and experiences that will amaze and engage your guests like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

Love. Light. Lasers.

Yoga means union, it offers a time and space to be completely in the moment: mind, body, and soul. At Walter Yoga we take that union to the next level offering fully immersive experiences.

For centuries yoga has allowed people to move with freedom, and relieve the stress of the day-to-day. Yoga taps into a place of youth, inhibition and joy. It is this same source of unbridled happiness that our parent company, Walter Productions connects with when using their creative enthusiasm to put on events and parties. At Walter Yoga we combine our two passionate areas of expertise, and double up on the good vibes.

Our goal at Walter Yoga is to make the world a happier, healthier, and more whimsical place. We do this by combining fun and approachable yoga classes with state of the art light and sound equipment, to create one-of-a-kind, body shaking mind melting, heart opening experiences.

Come as you are, and soak up the amazing energy, because at Walter Yoga we specialize in having a good time.


Where Beer, Friends, and Fire Meet - Coming this summer!