Yoga classes offered in a unique art gallery to support an inspirational non-profit mission

The Walter Hive is a non-profit organization which exists because we want to gift as many people as we can with the empowerment they feel when they learn that they're capable of changing their world. We also know that connecting people through compassion, art and creative expression is a way to weave positivity within our community.

Using our spaces to make the world a happier, healthier, more connected place is something we feel very passionate about, that is why we utilize our art gallery for daily yoga. The beauty, power, and intention of the visual world created by our rotating artist is only magnified by the physical and emotional practice guided by our teachers.

We want to offer a space for transformation, inspiration, connection and personal growth; and we believe that there is no better space for this than in an active Art Gallery.

All classes are $10, and support The Walter Hive non-profit organization.

"My favorite events to go to!! Such an amazing group of people with great energy!” ~ Michele Murphy


“Yoga experiences like no other! This is an amazing community, so happy to be a part of it.” 

Katie Thies


Our Story

The Walter Project began in 2009 when an eclectic group of people banded together and applied mechanical skill, artistic passion, architectural savvy, lighting dynamics, and fabricator aplomb to re-purpose a 1963 Walter Crash Vehicle (fire truck) into a 2:1 scale Volkswagen bus known as Walter the Bus. The group took this wonderful creation to Burning Man in hopes it would make the world a happier more whimsical place, and from there the project grew dramatically.

Next the Walter Dome was created - a fun, private event venue in Scottsdale which includes a stage as well as a bar fashioned out of the body of a VW bus. The World’s Largest Baja (an off-road VW Bug) was realized in 2012, and is housed in the Walter Dome alongside Walter the Bus. In 2011 Brew on Premises Co-op was formed – a micro-brew collective comprised of 50 beer enthusiasts who joined together to learn brewing techniques in a space built adjacent to the Walter Dome. Also in 2011 the Walter Art Gallery opened its doors, inviting local Arizona artists to display and sell their creations.

The collective started creating fully immersive events and experiences including Walter Yoga classes in 2013, as well as continuing to fabricate a fleet of incredible art cars up until present day.

Knowing that the power of connecting people through compassion, art and creative expression is a way to weave positivity within our community, The Walter Hive, 501(c)(3) was formed in 2017 to gift our community with opportunity for sustainable skill set development through workshops and hands on experience.


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